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Still Nervous after all these Years!

I did my first reading of 'Bombus and the Beeline' this week to the lovely pupils and staff at Burton End Primary Academy in Haverhill. I hardly slept the night before, which shows that age is no defence against nerves when you try something completely new! But they were all so wonderful it made it a great experience. I received lots of positive feedback about the book - they loved the idea of helping bees, enjoyed the prospect of colouring in the pages which I didn't colour and best of all adored the rhyme. They even liked my illustrations! As you can see from the photo they each got a copy of the soft back version, so I hope to receive lots of super colouring and comments from readers soon. Big shout out to Carly, Jess and Miss Newman. Don't forget paperback copies, signed copies or electronic version are all available at BUZZ BUZZ

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