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Alison Benjamin, Urban Bees, Review for Brilliant Bombus Bumblebee

"Bravo! Talented rhymer and illustrator, Nan is at it again. Using her skills to get young children planting flowers for bees."

Professor Dave Goulson, University of Sussex, Review of Bombus and the Beeline

“A charming and lovely children’s book, showing them why bees are so important and how we can all easily do something to help.” 

Professor Trevor Beebee, University of Sussex, Review of Puddock's Pond

This delightful book is a well-written guide for youngsters learning about wildlife conservation. The text, starring three children, is focussed on helping frogs in gardens and covers a range of important topics. Central to the story is the creation of a pond in which frogs and toads can lay their eggs and the subsequent growth and metamorphosis of tadpoles. Interesting asides include the value of recycling and getting help from parents and teachers. There are also pages that encourage colouring in and a section giving some basic facts about the biology of frogs and toads.   Altogether a great read, thoroughly recommended.

Sarah Wyndham Lewis, author, Review of Moira and the Magnificent Bee Beds

How wonderful in this honeybee-centric world, that Nan Eshelby is introducing young children to the idea of wild bee species. From bumblebees to solitaries such as Moira, there are thousands of wild bee species. Let’s do everything we can to support our wild bees, starting by reading this delightful and accessible story to our children.

Brigit Strawbridge, author, Review of Moira and the Magnificent Bee Beds

“This book is utterly delightful! Beautifully written and illustrated; and packed with important and accessible information about how to create homes for cavity nesting bees, “Moira and the Magnificent Bee Beds” provides children with the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of Red Mason Bees.

Spark a Love of Nature

‘Moira and the Magnificent Bee Beds’, ‘Bombus and the Beeline’and 'Puddock's Pond' are for age 4+.  'Brilliant Bombus Bumblebee', is for ages 2+ and has a braille companion book. These books will spark a love of nature and encourage children to help and learn about bees, frogs and all wildlife that is around them.

I strive to do everything I can to help nature, not only in my garden but also through events, presentations, and my books. I have given away over 550 copies of my books to schools, trusts and charities.

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