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Edition 2 of 'Bombus and the beeline' available now. Ed 2 has new material and art work. Bombus and the beeline is book one and 'Puddock's Pond' is book 2 in the 'Maisie, Daisy and Mo love nature series'. Bombus the bee needed our help in 'Bombus and the Beeline' and now Puddock the frog is asking for our help in 'Puddock's Pond'. These books will help bees, frogs and wildlife.

 I have already given away over 500 copies of my first book 'Bombus and the Beeline' to schools, trusts and charities. Money from the books you buy goes to fund further donations so we spread the word and all help wildlife. So if you have a suggestion of a school or charity that would appreciate my books or if you have a business that would like to run a competition and I will donate books as prizes then please get in touch. 

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